Relationship counseling

Wondering if your relationship can improve?  Would you like your partner to change?  Do you feel criticized, misunderstood and unappreciated?
Some couples have problems that drag on for a long time.  Others seem to nip their problems in the bud almost immediately.  It’s not the circumstances that cause the problem;  it is how you deal with it that determines whether an incident becomes a problem.
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How do we proceed?

The number of appointments we schedule depends on the nature of the problem.  Sometimes a few sessions are enough to make a big difference.  On average, a course lasts six sessions.  You are expected to work on what we have discussed between sessions.  This is how you get the most out of our time together!
The powerful trajectory is tailored to your personal challenges.  It is designed to help you better understand yourself and your partner.  You will also learn how to use these insights to improve communication and intimacy in your most special relationships.  You will learn about human behavior and how to resolve any challenge or emotion that stands in your way.

The journey is packed with valuable information to show you how to turn a crisis into an opportunity, and gives you important principles and tools to resolve resentment, judgment, anger and unrealistic expectations.  Our proven and scientifically substantiated working method invariably leads to more understanding, respect and harmony.  Moreover, a trajectory is guaranteed to lead to insight into each other and into yourself.

What you will learn

  1.  Understand the dynamics of your family of origin, and of your current relationship.
  2.  Enjoy your (ex) partner more.
  3.  Understand why certain events occurred.
  4.  Gain more appreciation for your current relationships.
  5.  Get more appreciation for yourself.
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Who is Romy Quint

Romy Quint was born in 1978 and grew up in Lunteren.  At a young age she asked big life questions.  In particular, the question ‘What drives us?’ occupied her mind.  After her education in the Netherlands, she studied International Business in Los Angeles and worked in Austria, Mexico and Italy.  For ten years she lived as a modern nomad, observing her surroundings extensively.  This gave her the opportunity to learn about human behavior on the job and to become street wise, as well as aware of cultural differences.
 Romy has visited about 60 countries, and especially in New Zealand she felt a strong connection to the country and society.  In 2008 she decided to emigrate and started her studies in behavioral science in Sydney.  Two years after arriving in New Zealand, she fulfilled a great wish by starting her own business, making a significant contribution to the quality of life of her clients.  In 2014, Romy joined her life partner in the Netherlands and continues her work here.  With a practice for couples therapy in Lunteren and Veenendaal, she focuses on the entire Vallei region.  Including couples therapy in Ede and Wageningen.
Romy is trained as a Demartini Method® Facilitator.  With a wealth of experience and knowledge she is of service to transform lives & relationships.

Romy’s mission
Romy helps to find solutions that contribute to a good relationship between partners and any children.

Romy’s main goals
  1.  Protect adults and children from the unnecessary damage they experience in relationship problems.
  2.  Provide couples with a positive, affordable and time-saving plan in improving their relationship.
  3.  To fulfill a role as a mediator for conflict resolution, in the field of relationship problems.